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Newburn #1 Advance Review Publisher: Image Comics Price: $3.99   Written By: Chip Zdarsky Pencils and Colors By: Jacob Phillips Letters By: Jacob Phillips Cover By: Jacob Phillips   Review By: Brandon Chandler   Goodfellas. The Long Goodbye. The Sopranos. The Maltese Falcon. The Godfather. Road to Perdition. Everybody loves a good crime fiction story now and again. It’s something about watching these morally ambiguous characters that pique our interest right from the start, despite how shady they truly are. And though for most of us the moral imperative compels us not to indulge in such shady activities, we find Read The Full Review
What’s The Furthest Place From Here? #1 Advance Review Publisher: Image Comics Price: $4.99   Written By: Matthew Rosenberg Art and Colors By: Tyler Boss Color Assists: Clare DeZutti Letters By: Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou Cover By: Tyler Boss   Review By: Brandon Chandler   It’s not often that you begin a narrative so transfixed and immersed in the atmosphere that you find yourself losing all sense of where you actually are. For me, when these moments occur, it scores a victory for the narrative right from the start. Even now, I can only think of a select few books that begin Read The Full Review
Publisher: Dark Horse Studios Price: $3.99   Written By: Scott Snyder Pencils, Colors, & Letters By: David Rubín Flats By: Xulia Pisón Cover By: David Rubín The long-awaited final issue of Black Hammer Visions arrives…and the folks at Dark Horse did not hold back! I’ve been awaiting this issue since the creative teams for this mini-series were first announced, as I was very intrigued by the idea of this particular writer playing in a different universe. So far, Black Hammer Visions has hosted an excellent panel of writers and artists and certainly showcased both the versatility of all these creators Read The Full Review
Price: $3.99   Written By: Peter David Art By: Javier Pina, German Peralta, Jesus Aburtov Letters By: VC’s Travis Lanham Cover By: David Marquez, Alejandro Sanchez   Maestro #2 In the previous issue, Pantheon, a group of superhero gods, teams up with Doctor Doom to capture Maestro. In this issue, Pantheon’s problems solve a way to trigger Maestro to transform back to Bruce Banner so that they can kill him. What’s the mystery? Maestro’s plan to control the world in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event does not sit well with Pantheon or Doctor Doom. The story moves cohesively from Read The Full Review
Price: $5.99   Written By: Cavan Scott Art By: Ario Anindito, Mark Morales, Annalisa Lebnic Letters By: VC’s Ariana Maher Cover By: Phil Noto   It is important to remind the reader of the timeline for the Star Wars universe prior to reading this book. The major time periods in Star Wars are as follows: The High Republic, The Fall of the Jedi (Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith), The Reign of the Empire, Age of Rebellion (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi), The New Republic, and the Rise of the Read The Full Review

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